Booxmedia announces support for Google’s Chromecast Media Player

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Finnish Cloud-TV Company Booxmedia announces support for Google’s Chromecast Media Player

Booxmedia is pleased to announce that it can now support Google’s Chromecast Media Player for Android and Apple iOS* applications. Chromecast is a media streaming player that plugs into the HDMI port on television for a connection to the internet. The Booxmedia TV-service end user can sent TV-programmes to a television screen and use the device as a smart remote control.

Booxmedia provides the Booxmote™ application which enables end-users to search and select content and play it on any connected second screen, such as a computer or Smart-TV, by using their mobile or tablet as a remotel control. Chromecast makes ordinary HDMI abled televisions, screens, or video projectors into a smart-TV by connecting the device to the internet and TV-services.

Jukka Sintonen, CEO of Booxmedia, comments: ”The Booxmote-application has supported second screen usage for two years now. It is great that a big player as Google sees the opportunity of internet connected television. This helps consumers get used to the smart-TV concept and migrate their TV-experience to the new century. We are very proud to be pioneers in the internet-TV area, with our booxmote solution, and now with Chromecast media player support”.

In its domestic market, Booxmedia runs an end-to-end cloud-TV service from for consumers. The service provides network recording, live TV, premium channels, video content and even karaoke. The TV service provides flexibility for the user to watch TV-programmes at any time, place and device.

Booxmedia is continuously looking for new content partners for its market-leading service in Finland.

Company overview:

Booxmedia is an innovation leader in the space of cloud-TV technology solutions for domestic and international media companies and service providers. Booxmedia enables content owners to distribute and monetize premium content on any screen, such as Tablet, Computer, Smartphone and a Smart-TV in an encrypted, secure format. Company’s customers include consumers, media companies as well as broadband and wireless service providers. Founded in 2009, Booxmedia is on a fast track to internationalization with headquarters in Helsinki, Finland.

*Windows Phones application library does not support Chromecast Media Player currently