Commercial launch of booxTV

Press release: 17.12.2009

Just when you thought that nothing would ever come out of Mobile TV services.
Enters booxTV, service concept that Screenpeak Ltd believes has a good chance to finally meet analysts’ growth predictions that have so far been miserably failed.

Mobile TV has for the good part of the 21st Century been the next big thing in mobile industry but for numerous reasons have managed to fail all expectations, at least here in Europe. The situation was well highlighted by one online press reader when commenting the recent study about Mobile TV take-up in Finland by saying that the amount of Mobile TV users are reaching close to two digit numbers. Still, the studies show that more than 70% of the people would be interested in such services, and almost 40% would even consider upgrading their handset for this reason alone.

In order to serve this big and yet so poorly served market, Screenpeak – a recent start-up with management that has some 50 years combined experience from Nokia and mobile services -, is today launching booxTV ™ – the world’s first fully mobile service that allows users to automatically record and watch broadcast TV using their smartphones. At first the booxTV service will offer consumers access to about dozen Finnish TV channels using a fully end-to-end mobile ecosystem built by Screenpeak and its partners.

The booxTV service gives consumers “single click access” to a comprehensive program guide with a user-friendly interface that allows fans to view the world of broadcast TV shows from the last moment to all the way to the preceding weeks on their smartphones with no worry about missing a favorite show or televised event. Subscribers can even use booxTV to receive suggestions from and recommend shows to their friends, whereby the strong social aspect of TV gets further utilized.
Screenpeak is at start launching booxTV as an operator-independent service so that the users can easily start enjoying the TV programs on their mobile devices immediately. BooxTV service is also designed for and will be offered to different content providers and aggregators to make their content available for mobile device users. Further still, Screenpeak has plans that include working with Finnish and international telco operators to increase sales of lucrative bundled smartphone/dataplan offerings and eventually allow operators to generate revenue directly from the booxTV service itself.

Jukka Sintonen, one of the founders and CEO of Screenpeak Ltd says: “We are all really excited to enter this exploding market with our unique offering that gives users the opportunity to experience a totally new way of recording and watching their most popular TV shows on their smartphones, whenever and wherever they choose and even when being offline and out of any network coverage.

We are bringing booxTV to market in a moment when the mobile entertainment industry is on a verge of a “big bang” in delivery of TV and VOD services and we are convinced that now is the time to take action and become the leader in a movement that will surely shape the future of mobile media consumption habits and mobile TV offerings.”

Will Cardwell, Director of Technopolis Development Services, says “Mobile TV has had its ups and downs in popularity – the fact is, however, that good enough services for users have not really been around to make the judgment whether or not it will ever take off. Screenpeak has executed their own vision of a Mobile TV service which simply works. It has been a pleasure to work with the team in the Innovation Mill program.”

“Innovation Mill program is a new way to reconstruct the Finnish innovation environment and can support new Finnish startups in the area of ICT and boosts competitiveness and true entrepreneurship in the companies. Screenpeak is amongst the very first companies that have clearly benefited from this new program and that encourages us to further utilize the concept in the future”, says Juha Tanskanen, Senior Technology Adviser at Tekes.

For further information, please contact:

Jukka Sintonen
Screenpeak Ltd
Tel. +358 40 7629769, email

Will Cardwell
Technopolis Development services
Tel. +358 40 5141325, email

Juha Tanskanen
Senior Technology Adviser
Tel. +358 50 557 7800, email

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Screenpeak Ltd provides innovative and easy to use solution to place and play shift TV and other video content to mobile devices. Screenpeak provides full end-to-end service to the consumers under its own booxTV brand. Moreover, Screenpeak opens up new business opportunities to content owners, service providers, operators and mobile device distributor by offering “white-boxed” solution with tailored functionality and differentiated look and feel.,,

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