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Company overview: Booxmedia is an innovation leader in the space of cloud-TV technology solutions for media companies and service providers. Booxmedia enables content owners to distribute and monetize premium content on any screen, such as tablet, computer, smartphone and a smart-TV in an encrypted, secure format. Company’s customers include consumers, media companies as well as broadband and wireless service providers. Founded in 2009, Booxmedia is on a fast track to internationalization with headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. In April 2015, Booxmedia was acquired by Amino Technologies plc, the IPTV solutions provider.

In its domestic market, Booxmedia runs an end-to-end cloud-TV service for consumers. The service provides network recording, live-TV, premium channels, video content and even karaoke. TV-service provides flexibility for the user to watch TV-programs in suitable time, place and device.

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Phone: +44 203 290 0018
Mobile: +358 40 757 4814
Skype: davidsfpr

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Head of Marketing Communications
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