Booxmedia white paper on cloud-TV monetization published

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Dear Booxmedia friends,

we want to do our best to educate the market about the benefits of cloud-TV content delivery. We meet and talk to a number of media companies, telcos and invididual content owners on a daily basis, and we see multiple strategies being adopted in the on-going transition towards IP & Cloud -based content delivery. We have now partnered with the folks at Core Analysis and summarized our findings in a fresh white paper together with them. We are excited to share our learnings with everyone, so feel free to download the white paper here.

We also run our own cloud-TV service, BooxTV to tens of thousands of weekly active users up here in the Nordics. And we power the Welho Matka-TV service for DNA. The services include free-to-air channel live streaming, pay-TV channel bundle and network PVR across thirteen channels, and is available on web browsers, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Chromecast and Apple-TV. We have collected a lot of consumer statistics and device preferences from our user base, and we have included some of this data in the white paper as well. This consumer data is hopefully helpful for you when making choices about supported platforms, marketing campaigns and other priorities for your own services.




Jaakko, VP of Sales, Booxmedia

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