Booxmedia @ Slush 2014 in Helsinki, November 18th-19th

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Dear Booxmedia friends,

Slush 2014 is projected to be bigger than ever. Booxmedia is contributing on multiple fronts, and has been selected as one of the top-50 Slush Companies by the event organizers.
Booxmedia is drawing attention from key European markets as well: on Monday 17th Booxmedia is pitching as a top-10 finalist of “Take That Tech to the UK Competition” at the British Embassy in Helsinki.
On Tuesday the 18th Booxmedia has been invited to meet with participating French tech executives, along with the French Minister for Digital Affairs, H.E. Mrs. Axelle Lemaire at the French Embassy in Helsinki.

Stay tuned, we will post news and pictures here after the event.

Best regards,


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