Consumer Electronics Show 2015 and Cloud TV

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This year, cloud TV was one of the hottest topics at CES Consumer Electronics Show 2015.

While the phenomenon of “cord cutting” has already reached Europe, it seems that this trend is (finally) making significant headway in the North American market too. One of the major events at CES this year was Dish Network’s Sling TV announcement. The product launch included – drumroll please – an actual drum roll, marching across the stage (see the photo). Dish’s announcement even took home three Engadget awards – ‘Best of the Best’, ‘Best Software’ and ‘Best Home Theater’ – with the popular website calling Sling TV “a game changer for cord-cutters… intuitive, smooth and easy to use”.

Sling Television is an over-the-top content service that bundles ESPN, TBS, TNT, CNN, Disney Channel and several other TV networks together. Most of the traditional broadband TV providers and analysts have so far not seen Sling TV as a threat, but instead view it as something which compliments their current offerings, and provides the consumer with more choice.

There was also a high level discussion panel at CES 2015 this year called “Where is TV Everywhere taking us?”, with executives from Disney, Comcast, TBS, Dish and ABC voicing candid opinions on where the latest iteration of content delivery had succeeded, and where it needed more work. One great example is Apple-TV that recently added also Tennis Channel as a separately available app next to its roster, next to NBA, NFL and NHL.

It seems that with the recent cloud TV launches, the notions of cutting the cord and TV Everywhere have become a part of mainstream media. Cloud TV solutions such as Sling TV and our own booxtv are a step towards à la carte television, where people can choose exactly what they want to see, where they want to see it and how they want to see it.

With America – and other markets – getting more excited about cloud TV and OTT content services, this year promises to be an exciting time for our industry.


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