The Amino A’s – Being Agnostic Provides Flexibility

The Amino A’s are Amino’s core beliefs in how it interacts with customers and partners. They reflect Amino’s commitment to providing advice and taking action, while remaining agnostic, in giving them a competitive advantage. This is the third of four discussions about how we help customers compete in the TV Everywhere landscape.


Media and entertainment is moving to all-IP/cloud future, where operators will enjoy greater scalability, flexibility and speed to market, along with simpler service activation and reduced deployment costs. Finding an innovative, platform-independent partner that has the necessary knowledge and background to position an evolving operator for an all-IP future is crucial.

As a technology solutions provider with the software necessary to seamlessly bridge diverse systems, Amino is hardware-agnostic. Depending on the needs and preferences of each operator, we can supply a range of our own world-class set-top boxes or work closely with third-party vendors to source the right solution and manage a smooth integration and deployment. In fact, our role is to be the essential partner in helping operators take the right action in assembling the solutions that best fit their needs.

Amino has recognized the value of partnerships in delivering viable solutions for all market segments. This is reflected in our ODM Enablement Program wherein Amino is creating go-to-market relationships with small group of strategic ODM partners, in one of three models as defined below:

  • Amino Branded devices – This is the current and continuing Amino go to market model
  • Powered by AminoOS – This is a new model designed to harness deployed ODM HW capabilities along with Amino’s industry leading device SW
  • AminoOS Inside – Amino licensing its software on a branded or white label basis to ODMs

The program requires tight collaboration and participation in a certification process to ensure customer confidence in the resulting solution and deployment. Additionally, this program reinforces Amino’s commitment to taking an agnostic position in a shifting market that demands alternative business models.