Cloud-TV Application Engine

Booxmedia’s Cloud-TV Engine and the included APIs enable a range of use cases and monetization models for broadcasters and service providers. Depending on the availability of content, geoblocking requirements and the chosen business model, Booxmedia Cloud-TV Engine can be configured to support a revenue-maximizing end-user value proposition. Changes in content availability as well as monetization models can be done in real-time using Booxmedia Content Management Tools.

Ready-to-go Cloud-TV Engine

Booxmedia LiveStream, Net PVR (Personal Video Recording), VoD (Video-on-Demand) and Catch-up -services offer a ready-to-go, 100% cloud-based solution for service providers. Local regulatory and legal requirements for TV- and video content recording features can be configured to comply with detailed. Solution architecture is modular and highly scalable up to millions of users.

Booxmedia solution is possible to deploy with and without a set-top box. All content and end-user management, including content access and rights management, can be delivered securely and directly from the cloud without need for local set-top box integration.

Network PVR