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Booxmedia has been delivering direct-to-consumer, end-to-end cloud-TV services since 2009. One of our largest implementations is branded booxTV and offers live streaming, pay-TV and cloud-PVR services for the Finnish market in Europe.

The booxTV service has over 20,000 active users. We offer trial access to the service to anyone who is interested in trialing our different product components, globally.

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Excellent User Experience and Solution Performance

We believe in giving user a choice to watch TV and video content on screens with any size and resolution, at home and on the move. We deliver fun, easy and unified user experience that learns from the user. Solution performance is one of our core assets and we have protected our technology with patents.”

Our corporate customers are from broadcasters and media companies to network operators with tens of thousands of users. We offer our own DRM system to the customer and support industry standard content protection DRM systems. We follow regulatory development across different European countries to make sure our implementation complies with local laws.

Development of cloud-TV technology solution started within Booxmedia team members already in 2007 at Nokia and we have delivered TV and video content download and streaming solutions to dozens of different screens and devices. We have experience from creating and serving live or stored content to early-stage smartphones back in 2007, as well as to larger tablet screens and smart-TVs more recently.

Booxmedia has released of its highly scalable cloud-TV platform and device clients such as